Oxidative Stress & GVT

Simply put, Oxidative Stress is a root cause of many neurodegenerative diseases, ones we believe we can treat. To understand better how our drug GVT works, understanding the basics oxidative stress will be helpful.

Oxidative stress is a process within the body that disrupts your bodies' normal functions, ultimately leading to neural cell death.

Think of the process of oxidative stress like an equation: when your equation is balanced, you get plain-old oxidation; but when your equation is unbalanced, you get oxidative stress.

The equation on the left side is composed of two different kinds of molecules - free radicals and antioxidants. Free radicals like to join with other molecules because they have an uneven number of electrons. Antioxidants can easily give up an electron without becoming unstable themselves. Thus, the free radicals (also called reactive oxygen species) are usually balanced out by the bodies' antioxidants. However, sometimes the body can't always balance this.

This "equation" is produced by redox reactions (short for a reduction-oxidation reaction). Redox reactions can either have too much oxidation, where there is a loss of electrons, or too much reduction where there is a gain of electrons. It is this situation that disrupts the balance and throws off the equation.

This imbalance, called oxidative stress, disrupts the regular functions of your cell called Cellular Homeostasis. Cellular Homeostasis is referring to any process in the maintenance of keeping your cells steady at their internal level.

This is why oxidative stress becomes so dangerous because it disrupts Cellular Homeostasis, which is a vital part of a healthy, functioning body.

What our drug GVT does is stops the disruption of cellular homeostasis. How? Let's take it back to our redox equation, discussed above. GVT rebalanes the equation when it becomes imbalanced. GVT is the balancing act your body needs. It acts as a buffer, which scientifically means it holds down the pH range. So when there is too much reduction or too much oxidation, GVT keeps the equation within the narrow range it needs to be.

This is what makes GVT a revolutionary drug. It reverses and even stops the damaging effects of oxidative stress AND this is how Bach Pharma is going to change the lives of millions of people worldwide.