Gulf War Illness (GWI)

Gulf War Illness (GWI) is a chronic multi-symptom illness that affects approximately 30{b4f08d363dd3b590b47f1fc18b02104aeb114e0ae1c67316d6092c20b26b737e} of veterans who served during the Gulf War. GWI symptoms consist of memory dysfunction, depression and anxiety. Symptoms of GWI may be linked to exposures encountered by personnel in the field. In rat models of GWI, low levels of chemicals combined with stressful conditions caused impairments in mood and memory with increased oxidative stress and inflammation, and declined neurogenesis. GVT, potentially capable of reversing oxidative stress and alleviating neurological inflammation and symptoms, is considered a leading candidate to be tested in GWI.

The Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration, in partnership with BACH, evaluated GWI rats after receiving GVT for symptoms of GWI. The completed DOD study shows that GVT synergistically and dramatically protects neurons from dying, even under aggressive environments. Furthermore, the studies statistically demonstrated remission in symptoms of GWI in animals treated with GVT. Additional studies are being planned.

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