Science & Research

GVT, our lead asset made from Monosodium Luminol, addresses and treats the issues present in so many neurodegenerative diseases such as inflammation and oxidative stress.

Neurodegenerative disease is a term that encompasses a variety of conditions which effect the neurons in the human brain. Neurons don't normally reproduce, so once they are damaged, the body can not replace them, creating permanent damage. Acting as a redox buffer, GVT stops and reverses the damaging effects neurodegenerative diseases cause on the body.

With 13 peer review publications, and over 30-plus scientific publications from 16 different academic institutions and 5 hospitals, Bach Pharma has compelling data and research that demonstrates GVT's effectiveness in the treatment of many neurodegenerative diseases, like ALS & Gulf War Illness.

With our highly compelling preclinical data, GVT proves to be the leading drug treatment for GWI & ALS. GVT already has a well established safety profile in animals and humans. A Drug Master (DMF) & Safety Gap Analysis are also already complete.


Where Our Research Is Headed

With our $2.2 Million funding goal, Bach Pharma will then be able to complete our preclinical studies in animals for the VA's specified oral route of administration. Once this portion of the research is complete, we can access our $8 Million commitment from Congress that will be used to complete Phase 1 & Phase 2 clinical studies for GWI, and subsequently, ALS.

Once our first round of funding and our oral toxicology study on the VA specified oral delivery mode is complete, Bach Pharma can apply to the FDA for an Investigational New Drug (IND) application.