Investment Opportunities

The current $2.2 Million Bach Pharma needs is the most essential step in our goal to treat Neurodegenerative Diseases, which will allow Bach Pharma to complete our preclinical studies in animals for the VA's specified oral route of administration. Once this is complete, an $8 Million commitment from Congress can be released for Bach Pharma to use to complete Phase 1 & 2 clinical studies for GWI & ALS.

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The Opportunity

Your investment in Bach Pharma is not just an investment, it is an opportunity; to change the lives of millions. With a minimum investment of $25,000, Bach Pharma is offering accredited investors $2,200,000 in capital stock for a limited time only! The company expects its value to grow two to three times upon issuance of product license. An investment in Bach Pharma gives you the ability to be a part of every aspect of the company.


Shareholder Benefits

As an investor of Bach Pharma, we offer you the ability to help shape, develop, and grow our company. We value your investment as a tool to help us achieve our goals in every facet of the company.

  • As an investor in Bach Pharma, you have the right to elect members of the Board of Directors and affect the long-term direction of the company
  • You have direct access to Bach Pharma's team of researchers and medical doctors throughout the world
  • Access to medical research and pre-publication reports, inside and outside the company is offered to our investors at every stage of their development


Health Benefits

The effect of neurodegenerative diseases stretches far and wide. An investment in Bach Pharma gives you access to the most cutting-edge research.

  • Access to research supplies at 50% of the price paid by institutions and collaborators
  • Access to formulations before they are offered to the general public
  • The right to participate in clinical trials run by the company


Future Benefits

An investment in Bach Pharma has the potential to change the lives of millions of people. Your investment puts us on the path to drive lasting, impactful change.

  • Be a part of changing the treatment of neurodegenerative disease
  • Help millions of veterans, athletes, adults, and children who suffer from these diseases
  • Participate in the launch of our amazing product, GVT